Congress language is English. Individually participants may prefer to present their presentation in Turkish.

Abstracts should include the original study results and should be as informative as possible.
Abstracts should be prepared in Times New Roman font, size 12, single line spacing, and not exceeding 250 words, in A4 format as a Microsoft Word document, 4 cm on the left edge of the page, 3 cm on the right, top and bottom edges.
Abstracts should be structured to include Objective, Material and method, Results and Conclusion subtitles.
Objective: The purpose and hypothesis of the work should be defined.
Material and method: The materials, method /methods and study plan should be explained.
Results: They should be written as clearly as possible and contain absolute statistical results.
Conclusion: The main outcome of the study and the results should be clearly stated, and the importance of these results should be emphasized.
Key words: Should be to reflect the content of the work and not exceed 5 words.
Abstracts should be prepared in Turkish and English and two separate pages for each language should be used. Abstracts should contain structured Objective, Material and method, Results and Conclusion subtitles.
Author name(s) must be written in small letters and surname(s) should be capitalized and the name of the author should be underlined. The name and address of the institution to which the author / authors are affiliated should be typed in 10 points.
The researchers who have chosen as poster presentations must have prepared their posters in a size of 70x100 cm (vertical position) and in a readable font from 1-1.5 meter distance and have submitted their posters to the attendant on the day of the congress entrance.
All submitted abstracts will be evaluated by at least two referees on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Congress and the decision will be reported to the participant according to the outcome of the referee evaluation. Click here for accepted notification.